When your application calls for capacitors with a higher degree of reliability than common off-the-shelf parts look to our line of high reliability capacitors. Designed and constructed to exacting standards, our high reliability parts are conditioned at elevated voltages and temperatures and validated via 100% electrical testing. Partial discharge (corona) testing, when specified, is also available to further enhance reliability.

Our high reliability parts currently see service in various critical applications including space flight, military electronics and munitions systems, aerospace and down-hole oil logging. Anywhere critical circuitry is involved, WCI high reliability capacitors can be found.

For applications involving certain environmental conditions, e.g., high humidity, extreme cold, moisture, vibration etc., WCI can provide environmental testing to address these needs. These tests generally included as subgroups of Group B and/or C in military performance standards, can also be individually specified by the customer. A partial listing of environmental tests is detailed below and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular requirements.

ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING AVAILABLE (For requirements not listed, please consult the factory)

Resistance to Solder Heat Terminal Strength Voltage-Temperature Limits
Radiograph Inspection Temperature Coefficient Moisture Resistance
Vibration Accelerated Life Testing Low Temperature Storage
Shock, Specified Pulse Wire Bond Evaluation Partial Discharge, Corona
Resistance to Moisture Resistance to Solvents Thermal shock
200°C voltage Conditioning Humidity, Steady State, Low Voltage


MIL-PRF-49467 MIL-PRF-123 MIL-PRF-55681

High reliability military specification testing for sizes 1515 through 13060 with rated voltages of 600v, 1KV, 2KV, 3KV, 4KV, 5KV. Higher voltages available, please consult the factory.

Group A testing to include:

  • Thermal shock – 5 cycles
  • Voltage Conditioning: 96 hours @ rated voltage and 125°C
  • DWV
  • IR
  • IR @ 125°C
  • Capacitance and DF
  • Visual & Mechanical inspection-13pc sample
  • Solderability- 5pc sample
  • 10% PDA maximum
  • Partial discharge (corona) optional

This specification allows an increased reliability level for capacitors used in critical frequency determining applications, timing circuits and other applications where absolute stability is required. The specification covers surface mount sizes 0805 through 2225 in 50V rating and various radial leaded products in 50V, 100V, and 200V ratings.

Group A testing to include:

  • Thermal shock – 20 cycles
  • Voltage Conditioning: 168 hours @ rated voltage and 125°C
  • DWV
  • IR
  • IR @ 125°C
  • Capacitance and DF
  • Visual & Mechanical inspection-20pc sample 0 reject
  • DPA sample per table XIV
  • PDA is per table XVI for parts listed
  • For parts with cap/voltage ratings outside of MIL-PRF-123, PDA shall be 5% overall and .2% last 48 hours

This high reliability military specification involves the following tests:

Group A testing to include:

  • Voltage Conditioning: 100 hours @ 2X rated voltage and 125°C
  • DWV
  • IR
  • IR @ 125°C
  • Capacitance and DF
  • Visual & Mechanical inspection - AQL sample plan
  • Solderability-13pc sample
  • 8% PDA maximum

Electrical test voltages for DWV and voltage conditioning

Device working voltage (DC) DWV Test Voltage Conditioning Test
< 200 2.5 X Rated 2.0 X Rated
250 500 Volts 400 Volts
300 500 Volts 400 Volts
400 600 Volts 500 Volts
500 750 Volts 600 Volts
600 – 1250 1.5 X Rated 1.0 X Rated
> 1250 1.2 X Rated 1.0 X Rated