About Wright Capacitors

Wright Capacitors, Inc., is a manufacturer of specialized multi-layer and single-layer ceramic capacitors and capacitor assemblies. These products are used in diversified markets within the electronics industry. Products are used most heavily in military, space, and high temperature oil exploration; as well as test and measurement, telecommunications and industrial controls.
Presidio Components purchases assets of WCI (press release)

Since 1977 Wright Capacitors, Inc. has been a specialty design operation servicing a niche market for custom designed ceramic capacitors. We service over 100 accounts including most major companies, US Government, Military and NASA. You will find Wright Capacitors, Inc. parts in the Hubble, Shuttle, Space Station and many satellites including Voyager - which has reached interstellar space and is still transmitting data.

For 40 years Wright Capacitors, Inc. has been a supplier of high reliability, custom capacitors. Today we continue to provide leading edge designs and manufacturing processes. Wright Capacitors, Inc. maintains an impressive staff of technical experts. Our engineers have advanced ceramic degrees with over 100 years combined experience. Our operations staff is highly trained and experienced with 80% of our employees exceeding 15 years of expertise with WCI.

Our quality management system is ISO9001 certified and we are DSCC approved for radial leaded high voltage capacitors (87043, 87043, 87040, 87047, 87114, 87076, 89044, 87070, 87077 and 87081) NASA SSQ123 spec, MIL-PRF 49467, MIL-PRF 123, MIL-PRF 55681 testing, and multiple environmental testing requirements. Our experienced sales and engineering staff is always personally available to discuss any needs. We represent Excellence Personified.